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Back to the Basics

This is the foundation of our healing and coping process & we often have to “come back to the basics” on the days when things are extra hard & heavy.

Grief is a full body experience that effects every aspect of our lives. We feel the symptoms of our grief and loss physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Part of our “back to the basics” practice involves actively “checking in” with our mind, body, heart and soul.
We break down, identify and name our emotions – in the moment or for the week – and are mindful of honoring that our emotions are neither good nor bad. They simply are. And that’s ok. Emotions are always changing and recognizing and reminding ourselves of that is often helpful when we are feeling a bit stuck in any particular moment.

The word reflect (verb), as defined by Merriam-Webster, means to think deeply or carefully; to embody or represent; to think quietly or calmly; unhurried consideration.

  • Identifying specific emotions
  • Having self awareness of triggers and reactions
  • Sitting with the emotion
  • Reframing thoughts

Is also a verb and as defined by Merriam-Webster: to let go; to liberate; unburden; unbound; to set free from entanglement or difficulty.

Carrying guilt or grudges

Forgiveness of self
Release negativity
Accept the unacceptable
Learn the lesson
Move forward
Self compassion

Forgiveness of others

FORGIVENESS IS NOT A ONE & DONE – repeat as often as needed

Write a letter that you won’t send – saying ALL of the things you are carrying in your heart/mind and then rip it up or burn it

Both are verbs meaning to set again or differently; anew; revive; reinvigorate; revise or update.

Grounding/centering/anchoring techniques

Be present

Create rituals that help you start over. Again and again.

Make a self-care plan that’s just for YOU

Who are you? What are your values?


Stress Relief

At the beginning of the day, check in with your mind, body, heart & soul and set an intention. Be mindful of what you need today and in this moment based on your observations and your capacity. Sometimes a simple mantra or an anchor word that you can keep in mind will help you to re-center and take some time to breathe and be.

At the end of the day, check-in with your self again: mind, heart, body & soul and ask yourself “what do I need most to be able to rest, relax & replenish tonight?”

Thank you for joining us and allowing us to walk alongside you!

If you find that you need additional support or resources, please reach out to Danielle @ 434.365.0022.

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With SO much LOVE & LIGHT,

Danielle Lee-Powell & the Founding Members of Creative Healing

Find a way to glow.

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